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Overview Document

Notice: This document contains hyperlinks to source documents referred to in the Overview Document. Some of the source documents are Excel spreadsheets that have been converted to PDF. You may request a native Excel spreadsheet by sending an email to Wendy McCann at Please include the document reference for each Excel spreadsheet requested.

Access to Documents: To access a hyperlinked document click on the link. To open a hyperlinked document in a separate browser tab, press shift + control, and click on the link. To access a document on a MAC hold down the command key and click on the link.

RHVPI, Overview Document 1, Introduction

RHVPI, Overview Document 2, City of Hamilton_ Governance and Structure

RHVPI, Overview Document 3, Construction of the RHVP

RHVPI, Overview Document 3.1, RHVP Design & Geometry

RHVPI, Overview Document 4, The Ministry of Transportation and Friction Testing

RHVPI, Overview Document 5, RHVP 2008 to 2012 and City Road_Safety Initiatives 2008 to 2018

RHVPI, Overview Document 6, The 2013 CIMA Report and the 2013 Golder and Tradewind Reports

RHVPI, Overview Document 7, The 2015 CIMA Report

RHVPI, Overview Document 8, 2017 Pavement Evaluation and RHVP-Related Safety Initiatives

RHVPI, Overview Document 9, Events Leading to the Discovery and Disclosure of the Tradewind Report

RHVPI, Overview Document 10, Disclosure of the Tradewind Report to Council and Public

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