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Red Hill Valley Parkway Inquiry

Anticipated Witnesses

The Inquiry anticipates that it will hear evidence from the following witnesses from April 25 to May 26, 2022.

1. Dr. Gerardo Flintsch, “Primer on Friction, Friction Management and Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures.” (April 26)
2. Russell Brownlee, “Principal Design and Maintenance Standards, Guidelines and General Practices for Ontario Highways.” (April 27)
3. Ludomir Uzarowski, Golder* (April 28, 29)
4. Andro Delos Reyes, Golder (May 2)
5. Peter Gamble, Dufferin Construction (May 3)
6. Marco Oddi, City of Hamilton* (May 4)
7. Paul Janicas, Dufferin Construction (May 5)
8. Chris Murray, City of Hamilton (May 6)
9. Gary Moore, City of Hamilton* (May 9, 10)
10. David Hainer, Dufferin Construction (May 11)
11. Becca Lane, Ministry of Transportation (May 16, 17)
12. Chris Raymond, Ministry of Transportation (May 17, 18)
13. Tom Kazmierowski, Ministry of Transportation (May 18)
14. Chris Rogers, Ministry of Transportation (May 19)
15. Frank Marciello, Ministry of Transportation (May 24)
16. Stephen Senior, Ministry of Transportation (May 24)
17. Bob Gorman, Ministry of Transportation (May 25)
18. Tom Klement, Ministry of Transportation (May 25)
19. Stephen Lee, Ministry of Transportation (May 26)

The Inquiry anticipates that it will hear evidence from the following witnesses from May 30, 2022 to August 26, 2022. Updates on the dates of evidence will be provided in advance of May 30, 2022:

20. Gerry Davis, City of Hamilton
21. Stephanie Paparella, City of Hamilton
22. Brian Malone, CIMA*
23. Brian Applebee, CIMA
24. David Ferguson, City of Hamilton
25. John Mater, City of Hamilton
26. Geoff Lupton, City of Hamilton
27. Martin White, City of Hamilton
28. Stephen Cooper, City of Hamilton
29. Jason Worron, City of Hamilton
30. Mike Field, City of Hamilton
31. Ludomir Uzarowski, Golder*
32. Vimy Henderson, Golder
33. Rabiah Rizvi, Golder
34. Sherrie Charter, Golder
35. Craig White, 407ETR
36. Rowan Taylor, Tradewind Scientific
37. Richard Andoga, City of Hamilton
38. Michael Becke, City of Hamilton
39. Derek Nunn, Norjohn
40. Sarath Vala, City of Hamilton
41. Charlie Lauricella, City of Hamilton
42. Peter MacNeil, City of Hamilton
43. Heather Bell, Ministry of Transportation
44. Marco Oddi, City of Hamilton*
45. Gord McGuire, City of Hamilton
46. Betty Matthews-Malone, City of Hamilton
47. Kevin Bentley, Ministry of Transportation
48. Edward Soldo, City of Hamilton
49. Diana Cameron, City of Hamilton
50. Susan Jacob, City of Hamilton
51. Dipankar Sharma, City of Hamilton
52. Dan McKinnon, City of Hamilton
53. Mike Zegarac, City of Hamilton
54. Jasmine Graham, City of Hamilton
55. John Hertel, City of Hamilton
56. Gavin Norman, City of Hamilton
57. Lora Fontana, City of Hamilton
58. Diana Swaby, City of Hamilton
59. John McLennan, City of Hamilton
60. Nicole Auty, City of Hamilton
61. Ron Sabo, City of Hamilton
62. Gary Moore, City of Hamilton*
63. Brian Malone, CIMA*
64. Geoffrey Petzold, CIMA
65. Pedram Izadpanah, CIMA
66. Soroush Salek, CIMA
67. Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton
68. John-Paul Danko, City of Hamilton
69. Doug Conley, City of Hamilton
70. Tom Jackson, City of Hamilton
71. Sam Merulla, City of Hamilton

*Under the Inquiry's Rules, a witness may be called to provide evidence more than once during the public hearings. It is anticipated that these witnesses will provide evidence between April 25 and May 26, 2022, and will return to provide evidence at later dates in the public hearings.

Please note: The entity listed beside the name of the witness relates to the witness’s employer during the time period to which the witness' evidence relates and may not reflect their current employer, if any.

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